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newLab® is an open cloud platform, designed for R&D, offering an intuitive digital workplace powered by automated workflows, so that R&D teams can focus on their projects and move faster their ideas to results

Collaborative digital notebook

Connect with your resources, experiments and data, anytime, anywhere

Reinvented lab services

Run your core facilities and central labs as a service

Effective resource management

Consolidate instrument and inventory management on one single platform

Your open cloud workflow platform to transform work in R&D

Collaborative digital notebook

Create an intuitive digital workplace to connect researchers with their experiments, resources, data and teammates, anytime, anywhere


  • Share protocols, knowledge articles, best practices and standard procedures
  • Create, document and schedule experiments, together with all necessary resources, from a collaborative and open notebook
  • Create experimental workflows to connect instruments, data sources and data analysis software
  • Capture and share experimental data and meta data, and ensure complete traceability and reproducibility of your experiments and assays

Reinvented lab services

Run your central labs, core facilities and shared infrastructures as a service, leveraging the world-leading service management platform


  • Make your shared instruments and core lab services easily findable and bookable online from one single portal
  • Automate user and request management, usage tracking and billing, instrument maintenance, and other core facility management workflows
  • Optimize your most critical technology assets through a centralized management platform
  • Create custom dashboards to get real-time insights on the use of your technology assets and central services

Effective resource management

Consolidate the management of all resources for all your labs on one single platform



  • Create your sample management lifecycle(s), capture data and track your samples at each step
  • Centralize inventory management for all your labs to avoid duplication and reduce waste
  • Integrate inventory management with your procurement system for automatic reorder
  • Keep your instruments and other technology assets current and fit-for-purpose with automated usage tracking and maintenance notifications

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Flexible and scalable by design

Modern cloud platform, no need to invest in and maintain complex IT infrastructure

Start as small as one lab or core facility, prove and fine-tune your digital concept, then scale on the same platform

Choose from various product modules and subscription plans to fit your needs, including full managed instances that let you only focus on your business



Intuitive and easily customizable

Make lab applications as simple as the best consumer-grade internet services

Create your custom workflows with user-friendly, no-code workflow designer

Connect your workflows to lab instrumentation, other data sources and existing applications, leveraging our open cloud architecture

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Used by 6,200+ customers worldwide, including ~80% of Fortune 500 companies, with a strong footprint in industry and higher education markets

Several hundreds ServiceNow and/or ServiceNow Store complementary applications, all running on the same platform and sharing the same data model


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