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Go digital to advance science and accelerate innovation

One single collaborative cloud software platform to enable your digital lab.

Make it simple to use and manage instrumentation

  • Make your instruments easily findable and bookable through one single service portal
  • Improve control over your technology infrastructure with a centralized management application
  • Save time and money with streamlined and automated core facility management workflows
  • Get real-time insights on usage and management of your technology resources in a few clicks with customizable dashboards

Foster collaboration and teamwork around experiments

  • Make your protocols available to all your community to avoid rework and accelerate your projects
  • Capture and share all your experimental data into one platform to protect your lab’s intellectual assets
  • Ensure complete traceability and reproducibility of your experiments
  • Follow up on on the progress of your experiments and get notified, even when you’re away from your desk

Get a 360° view on your research project portfolio

  • Manage your entire research lifecycle in one central place, from ideas to demands to projects
  • Consolidate experimental, instrument, resources and project data into one single platform
  • Share information in real time among project teams
  • Get instant end-to-end views of your portfolio at whatever level  (enterprise or institution, department, lab, program, etc.)


lab management collaborative cloud platform
powered by ServiceNow

Modular and scalable platform

Choose your own pace of change: Start with cores, or experiments, or projects, and then expand to one consolidated platform as you see fit

Get ready for a fast start: Cloud-based platform, flexible subscription model, user -friendly and easy to implement, no upfront investment

Scalable from one lab to the entire enterprise and from 10 to 10000+ users

Open integration hub to seamlessly interface your existing infrastructure, data sources and applications

Modern and friendly user experience

Make lab applications as simple as the best internet consumer services

Stay in touch with your team and community with a built-in social network

Instant access to resources and knowledge with our google-like intelligent search engine

Go mobile and know what’s going on even when you’re away from your lab


Powered by the ServiceNow cloud platform

ServiceNow named Forbes #1 World Most Innovative Company in 2018

Cutting-edge technology and world-class cloud infrastructure

Easy customization: Low-code workflow designer, integration hub

A strong footprint in life sciences and higher education


Discover newLab, one single lab management collaborative cloud platform,
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